I have consulted astrologers for many years. Daniel is by far the best of the best. He has helped me understand my chart. I now understand what makes me tick. Over the past two years, he has guided me through quite difficult times. My life has improved thanks to his insight. I highly recommend him as an astrologer.

Rita Downling

Daniel was recommended to me by a friend, and I must say I was impressed by his knowledge and expertise. He did a thorough analysis of my chart and provided me with accurate insights into my personality and life path. He gave me valuable advice on how to overcome my challenges and make the most of my strengths. I left the session feeling more confident and empowered.


Daniel’s approach is refreshing and unique. He doesn’t just tell you what’s in your chart, he helps you understand how to use that information to your advantage. He has a great ability to connect with his clients on a personal level and make them feel at ease. I’ve had several readings with him, and each time I’ve gained new insights into myself and my life. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking clarity and direction.


Daniel is truly gifted in his craft. His services are authentic and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions thoroughly. After meeting with him I have renewed sense of clarity and motivation for the future. He provided insights into my past, present and the months to come. I recommend him to anyone seeking guidance as he is truly the best. Thank you!


I’ve sought out guidance and advice from Daniel multiple times over the past year and am a repeat client. I love his approach and the way he answers questions and his thoughtful explanations. Sometimes, I find some astrologers get a bit technical and esoteric but, Daniel has a great way of conveying how astrology impacts your day to day life. I’ve done natal reading, lunar reading and a few consultations seeking guidance of specific topics like relationships and career. His response, guidance and advice has been on point, relevant and accurate. Most of all, he is able to connect the dots and leverage his skills, knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your chart. His predictions have been strikingly accurate on a number of occasions. I would highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable and gifted. More than anything, his ability to communicate and make the esoteric so relevant and accessible to the average person is really invaluable.


I was skeptical about astrology before I met Daniel, but he completely changed my perspective. He explained how it works and how it can be used as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. His reading was spot-on, and he gave me practical advice on how to navigate my current situation. I appreciated his honest and straightforward approach, and I left the session feeling inspired and motivated.


Daniel is a true master of his craft. He has an in-depth understanding of astrology and its applications, and he delivers his insights with precision and clarity. I’ve consulted with him on various occasions, and each time I’ve been blown away by his accuracy and professionalism. He has helped me make important decisions in my life and provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance in their personal or professional life.


Daniel’s readings are transformative. He has a rare talent for seeing beyond the surface and getting to the heart of the matter. His approach is compassionate, insightful, and empowering. He helped me understand my past, present, and future in a way that was both enlightening and motivating. I feel more in tune with myself and my purpose after working with him. He is truly a gifted astrologer, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for clarity and direction in their life.


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