. If I’d been wrong as often as other #cryptoastrology channels I would’ve quit covering the #astrology of #bitcoin -or- I would’ve worked to determine why I was so often incorrect in my predictions. Astrology is never wrong. The error originates with the #astrologer by way of poor delineation (skills) or invalid data used to cast the chart (time, date, location). I’m certain that most astrologers who prognosticate for Bitcoin have poor data considering the mystery surrounding […]
There’s a lot of uncertainty around BTC, and Crypto space for May. I’m being as cautious as possible this month because the astrology surrounding the market suggest there’s counter moves being made at almost all stages of the process for the month. watch the video to find out what day I feel most confident in for making money, and when 8 suggest traders enter/exit based solely on the astrology. find me on all the social medias: