Name: Daniel
AKA: Damaged Andy
Birthday: 11/6/1980
Origin: Richmond, VA
Occupation: Starlord
Special Powers: Divination, Magic potions, Astral Travel, Auralmancy, Energy manipulation, etc.

I loved comic books as a kid. I always believed that many of super powers were actually possible. Like with most things, humanity worked diligently to oppress my instincts, and break me of my intuition. It took many decades, and undeniable synchronicity to fully remember my true self. One and a half score later, as I become nearly whole, I find my time being invested more efficiently while processing karmic debt. Here’s how it happened:

I was inspired by the great awakening of 2020 which actually began a year earlier. Around October of 2019 I heard a voice speaking directly to me, which wasn’t my own. It told me that astrology was a powerful tool that my ancestors though to preserve through every successive generation – more than anything else. The stars held great influence over our individual lives, but more importantly, it is the code by which this projected reality operated from.

At the time I had established an IT career I could’ve coasted on for the rest of my days. The more I acquired, the more cavernous I found my innerworld to be. That which I owned was beginning to own me, and as I was looking for a to purchase my first home corporate America took advantage of the fear society experience during COVID, and I couldn’t justify overpaying for a home. I spent the lockdown studying Astrology, Tarot, Magic, and other Occult topics – but astrology more than anything else.

There was a moment around June 2020 – two months after my father passed from “Pneumonia” that was later diagnosed as “Inactive Lung Cancer” – when I found myself closer to taking my own life than ever before. I had hired my first Master Astrologer to read my chart right before my father passed, and she predicted it would happen, and that I would grieve for a long time. She was right, and the experience forced me to reexamine existence. “Are we all trapped in a cycle of suffering like many religions believe?” I asked myself as I wrestled with the philosophical concept of Determinism(1).

By June I’d almost fully unlocked my own nativity. I was distraught, as all I could see was pain and suffering. A seemingly loveless existence filled with disappointment, and rejection. What was the point? If I have no control over my own fate/destiny than why try at all? If Reality is predetermined than destiny should find me if I hide from the world! I considered taking my own life to see if that was my determined fate, and studied suicide and reincarnation (which theres actually a healthy amount of information to be found with a simple google) to see if there was a loophole.

I looked ahead, and noticed that my solar-return chart suggested a year filled with death. My imagination wandered to a place where I could see my family gathered in the home I was renting, trying to decide what to do with all the useless things I’d spent my life acquiring. Naturally I sought a 2nd opinion, and hired 12 different astrologers to read for me 17 times. All of them could see what I could see. They all insisted that regeneration would follow, and all of them mentioned I’d have a lot of travel in my future. Two of them suggested I was going to lose almost everything.

Several job offers found me, and I was blessed with the opportunity to upgrade my IT career and finally become a Junior Systems Engineer by title, but with every job offer, I recoiled. I couldn’t fathom continuing in IT. I’d purchased my first motorcycle around this time to which I was spending all my freetime riding. My bike was the single most spiritual thing I owned, and every ride I took was meditative. I found great clarity with the wind against my face. Never had I felt more present. To weeks before my 41st birthday I resigned from my career and began planning to take my fate/destiny into my own hands, and do traveling for myself, not some corporation that cared nothing for my humanity and was willing to squeeze every last drop of my creative force for profit, and disguard me when my vessel was empty.