Astrologer first.
Gnostic, Christian
Spirit having a human experience.

Daniel Anderson

“Only through astrology can one become truly a master of their individual experience. The world becomes like a canvas; reality, an art installation.”


Spend the hour how you’d like – Natal reading, rectification, progressions, transits, solar/lunar return we can spend it however you desire. 

Great for full chart delineation, or live natal rectification. Change the trajectory of your life and become a master of your own reality.

This session covers reading for two people, usually in a relationship, and includes the synastry, and composite charts.

Horary Astrology is the most reliable, and detailed form of divination known to man. It can provide great details into a situation even when asking a simple “Yes” or “No” question.

Tarot is a divination systemt0 give insight and achieve greater control over one’s issues involving relationships, opportunities and life, in general. The cards speak in images, and images are the language of the soul. 

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+ Astrology Services

The Zodiac rules all things, including Crypto. I cast event charts based on the “Non-fungable” data captured within a genesis block. I’ve spent two years developing these methods, and have found predictions to be highly reliable – higher than the average success rate I understand to be expected of actuaries. If you’d like me to profile a particular crypto currency, click here.

Crypto Token Profile (Public)

I analyze the event chart based on the genesis block created when the crypto was first mined, or distributed. I’ll address major aspects of your favorite token, how the public will receive it, what the nature of its business will be like, and address what the future has in store for it. I’ll break down what planets the token is sensitive to so you know what to expect during transits, and retrograde cycles, and top it off discussing some key dates in the future based on the chart progressions.

Stock Market Ticker Profile and Predictions

It’s not easy to cast a chart for a company because it doesn’t have a verifiable genesis block, so when analyzing stock tickers a lot of due diligence is required to provide my clients with reliable data that they can use to improve their investment strategies. This process can take up to a month, as I rectify the natal chart based of past market movements compared to planetary transits. Once I feel I have reliable data, I can make 5-10 measurable predictions for the ticker over the next 90 days.

Crypto Token Predictions

This service spans a single month, and includes a minimum of 5 key dates with momentum shifts. For my clients, I offer a money-back guarantee for the predictions they hire me to make.

Crypto Token Profile and Predictions

Discovered a new token that you’re excited about?  Save money, and package the cost of profiling the token, and making predictions. The total amount is guaranteed.

Client Testimonials

I’ve sought out guidance and advice from Daniel multiple times over the past year and am a repeat client. I love his approach and the way he answers questions and his thoughtful explanations. Sometimes, I find some astrologers get a bit technical and esoteric but, Daniel has a great way of conveying how astrology impacts your day to day life. I’ve done natal reading, lunar reading and a few consultations seeking guidance of specific topics like relationships and career. His response, guidance and advice has been on point, relevant and accurate. Most of all, he is able to connect the dots and leverage his skills, knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your chart. His predictions have been strikingly accurate on a number of occasions. I would highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable and gifted. More than anything, his ability to communicate and make the esoteric so relevant and accessible to the average person is really invaluable.


I have consulted astrologers for many years. Daniel is by far the best of the best. He has helped me understand my chart. I now understand what makes me tick. Over the past two years, he has guided me through quite difficult times. My life has improved thanks to his insight. I highly recommend him as an astrologer.

Rita Dowling

Daniel is truly gifted in his craft. His services are authentic and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions thoroughly. After meeting with him I have renewed sense of clarity and motivation for the future. He provided insights into my past, present and the months to come. I recommend him to anyone seeking guidance as he is truly the best. Thank you!


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